President Lukashenko Tells How He Helped To Solve Old Murder

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko shared his experience of participating in a criminal investigation that helped to solve a murder of a woman, BelTA reports.

In just 24 hours!

The president told in detail how he managed to solve an old crime at the meeting with Chairman of the State Forensic Examination Committee Andrei Shved.

Murderer was almost acquitted but…

“The KGB has submitted a report on one criminal case to me today. This crime happened a few years ago.

So I had to make a decision to reopen the case. The crime took place in Mogilev Oblast. 

The father of a murdered woman approached me. He told me about the investigation and the court verdict.

There are many requests like that. I asked him to provide all the materials he had. He sent them to me,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

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The head of state analyzed the documents and ordered the prosecutor and the KGB chairman to investigate the case no matter what.

“The culprit was caught in Russia and brought to Minsk. The case was reopened. I took it under control.

It turned out that he was the murderer. And he had been almost acquitted,” the president added.

Negligence or error?

“Now we will bring those in charge of the previous investigation and those who delivered a not-guilty verdict to account.

We will also review the prosecutors. The murderer gave a confession and showed how and where he killed that woman,” the head of state added.

The president also mentioned that he has recently been doing a lot of forensic science and thanked the investigators for their work.

Justice must be done

Alexander Lukashenko recalled the criminal case at the meeting with KGB Chairman Valery Vakulchik:

“Thank you for solving old criminal cases together with the prosecution office or the Interior Ministry.

I have cited once case, a murder of a woman from Mogilev, as an example. It is now in court. 

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And I should say that you have done a great job with the help of other agencies.

You showed people that you are capable of solving the most awful crimes. It is very important.”

There was also made a proposal to start celebrating the Judicial Expert Day on 22 April in Belarus.

This is the day when a decree on the formation of the department was signed in.

Source: BelTA, TUT.BY