Gerard Depardieu Gets Plot Of Land In Belarus To Live Among Peasants

French actor and winemaker Gerard Depardieu, who has visited Belarus twice and at some point wished to live “among the peasants,” became an owner of a plot of land in the village of Laporovichi, Minsk Oblast.

In 2017, Depardieu arrived Minsk, where he visited a grape wine factory and met with several local authorities to discuss an opportunity to build a house here.


The village of Laporovichi, Minsk Oblast

“The actor took a liking to our country and expressed his wish to build a house here. Gerard Depardieu was allocated a plot in the village of Laporovichi, on the instructions of the Head of State. 

We can now say that his dream will come true,” Svetlana Raketskaya, the acting chairman of the Papernyansky village executive committee, said.

Where will Depardieu reside?

According to an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, a land plot of 0.1500 ha was allocated for the construction and maintenance of a single-family residential building.

The lease for this site was concluded between the Papernyansky village executive committee and a Russian citizen, which is registered in Saransk, Gerard Xavier Depardieu for 99 years.

The annual rental price is 132.96 Belarusian rubles, which is about $63.70. The French actor will have Belarusian athlete Daria Domracheva and her coach Adrian Tsibulsky as his neighbours.

Depardieu’s plot is highlighted in black. Screenshot: vl.nca.by

Gerard Depardieu has visited Belarus more than once. In 2015, the president of Belarus hosted Depardieu in his residence and gave him a lesson in scything the grass on the estate.

After the scything, Depardieu was treated to traditional Belarusian food and home-distilled vodka. Back then, Depardieu said that he would like to live among the peasants in Belarus.

“It is beautiful here and the president is a nice person. I think I will sell everything in France! I no longer want to be part of this country, despite my love for the French,” he said.

In 2017, Depardieu visited the winery and later concluded a license agreement for the use of his portrait on the packaging of meat products supplied by Belarus to Russia.

Source: TUT.BY