Born Under Lucky Star! Belarusian Paraglider Gets Pierced By Giant Log, Manages To Survive

It was an ordinary day when Ivan Krasouski took his paratrike for an ordinary flight over a forest near Loshany village on Saturday, 2 June. However, shortly after taking off the Belarusian pilot crashed into a woodland.

WARNING: Graphic images below.

Ivan Krasouski is an adrenaline junkie who has been paragliding over Belarusian pretty countryside for more than 15 years.

Unfortunately this time his flight ended in one of the most gruesome ways, a parachute’s strap snapped and he span out of control.

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The 36-year-old landed chest-first on a fir tree that piereced his shoulder with a sharp massive branch.

“I’m thinking, ‘I made a pretty soft landing, all is okay. I’ll stand up and go and then I feel that something holds me back.

I looked and it was a giant log there. I tore my shirt and there was a branch in my arm, thick as a watermelon,” Ivan recalled his emotions at hospital.

Rescuers who arrived to the scene decided to saw the giant log from both sides and rushed him to hospital.

They feared the pilot would bleed to death if they pull the piece of wood out of his body.

Despite having probably the biggest splinter in the world in his shoulder Ivan even managed to crack a joke during the rescue operation.

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The man compared himself with Groot, a superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy, and recalled that in ancient times people were put on a stake.

Doctors say that Krasouski was definitely born under a lucky start as a 10cm beam missed all vital organs, vessels and nerves.

Iven even felt good enough to pose for photos and update his social media accounts.

For now, he is recovering at hospital surrounded by friends and family, but insistes he’ll be back and flying in no time!

Source: TUT.BY