Beyond The Poverty Line! How Many Belarusians Live On Less Than $50 A Month

The number of Belarusians who live below the national poverty line keeps growing.

The fact is backed by the official statistics.

In January-September last year the average per capita disposable resources were below the minimum subsistence level budget for 5.9% of the population, a year ago it was 5.6%.

At the same time, monthly resources of some Belarusians do not exceed a half of the subsistence minimum subsistence level, which equals BYN 189.72 per capita a month.

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As of October 1, 9 million 495,8 thousand people lived in Belarus. That is, the average per capita disposable income of almost 9.5 thousand people did not reach BYN 95 rubles.

Average per capita disposable resources by regions in January-September 2017

A slightly more than a quarter of Belarusians –27.8% of the total population – have no more than BYN 300 rubles a month, according to Belstat data on quarter III, 2017.

For comparison: a year ago those whose incomes were less than BYN 300 rubles were 35%.

Recall that Belarus hit the list of top three countries with the lowest average purchasing power in Europe, according to the Purchasing Power Europe 2017 ranking.

Meanwhile, Minsk was named as one of the cities where one can comfortably live on less than £600 a month.

The list was compiled on the basis of Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index, which looks at the everyday costs in cities around the globe and is updated every month.

Source: TUT.BY