Population Of Belarus Keeps Falling In 2019, Including In Minsk

The population of Belarus fell by 19,021 people in six months of 2019. Immigration does not compensate for the natural loss.

The population decreased even in Minsk.

population of belarus

Only in 10 districts of the country, and only in the Minsk region there was registered positive population dynamics.

Thus, as of 1 July 2019, the population of Belarus made 9 million 456,2 people, or 19,021 people less than on 1 January 2019. The biggest drop in population was registered in Vitebsk region – minus 5600 people.

The population of Minsk continues to decline as well. In January-June 2019, it decreased by 2418 people.

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According to demographic forecasts, the population of Belarus will keep falling. The Ministry of Labor projects the country’s population to drop by  8 million 964 thousand people by 2030 (without taking into account migration processes).

A recent UN population report forecasts Belarus’ population at 9.3 million people by 2050 (positive scenario), or 7.9 million by 2050 (pessimistic scenario).