National Population Census 2019 Kicks Off In Belarus

At the stroke of midnight on Friday, 4 October, a population census has kicked off in Belarus. The last time it took place ten years ago – in 2009.

A novel feature of the census this year is a possibility to fill out a questionnaire online. People can also do that at census stations or during face-to-face interviews at people’s homes.

To give answers to 49 questions online one should visit www.перепись.бел and www.census.by websites. Unregistered users need to get registered using a login and a password.

belarus population census 2019

People who got registered in the system before, just need to enter their identification number and a phone number. After logging in and receiving a code, one can start filling out a questionnaire.

Belarusians will be able to answer the census online on 4-18 October and at the census stations on 4-30 October. An online option allows one to fill in questionnaires for all family members.

A map with locations, working hours of all 644 census station, as well as detailed information on all the census options, is available at the National Statistics Committee website.

Data crosschecking will continue till 21 October. After that census takers will visit those who did not respond online. Citizens are recommended to be wary of fraudsters in disguise of census takers.

In case of doubt or any other census-related questions, one should call the hotline 8-801-100-31-31. The National Statistics Committee also has a chat to answer people’s questions.

The questions are about nationality, ethnicity, migration, education, sources of income, employment, number of children, housing conditions and economic activity, and others.

The first findings of the census will be unveiled in February 2020.