These 4 Popular Vloggers Will Make You Come To Belarus In A Flash

The number of tourists traveling to Belarus is steadily rising, along with their YouTube testimonies. We searched for vloggers with a large following, who visited the country just recently. Hope their informative and engaging content will help you learn more about our country.

Bald and Bankrupt 

Run by a British traveler with an undisclosed identity, this YouTube channel is filled with fun and WILD videos.

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Bald and Bankrupt pretending to be a gopnik in Minsk, May 2019

Rumor has it that Mr. Bald’s ex-wife is Belarusian, which explains his good command of Russian and affords to travel where few foreigners dare to venture. The vlogger came into the spotlight after journeying into the Belarusian exclusion zone, still a blank spot for many foreign travelers, in spring 2019.

Apart from his daredevil explorations (check out Chernobyl village BBQ), he talks on a range of cultural phenomena, explaining how to spot a gopnik (young men/women of sometimes lower-class suburban areas), or why you should pay for the girl if she asks you out.

Return to The Belarus Chernobyl Zone… With Shopping Bags

Mr. Bald walked 15 kilometers to visit his friends deep in the radiation zone, got a bag of home-produced eggs.

You Won’t Believe This Is Europe in 2019!

How harsh is life in Horoshevka – a half-deserted village in the Gomel region? More than 1.5 million people watched this video!

Mr. Bald has more than 900,000 subscribers – now you can be one of them.

Conor Clyne – Tsar Experience

Originally from Ireland, Conor “the tsar” is magnetically drawn to Eastern Europe. He has significantly fewer subscribers – slightly over 40,000, but praises himself for other achievements.

A polyglot with the background in international relations and law, his fields of expertise consist of foreign languages, traveling, and datingConor visited Belarus on a number of occasions, the last time traveling here in spring 2019, and uploaded a bunch of videos, where the ones about women and dating – his specialty – stand out.

He gives lots of practical advice, along with sharing personal stories, for instance, speaking here how he got banned from the country. On his first trip years ago he was drugged for 36 hours and almost robbed.

Minsk, Belarus Winter Nightlife

Foreigners share their experiences of restaurants and clubs: cheap, good quality service and ingredients. Connor adds that although not much is happening during the week, weekends explode with unforgettable, even decadent parties.

It’s sooo much cheaper! How much will $100 get you in Grodno, Belarus as a traveler?

Connor talks about prices: what may seem cheap for you might still be unaffordable for a local!

Watch his videos to learn how to avoid such situations and be prepared for others.

Gabriel Traveler

Gabriel Morris is Canada-born, California-raised author and world traveler, whose Guide to Budget Travel is a hit on Amazon. The following of this amazing individual increases 300,000.

In the thirty years of his full-time world discovery project, he traveled to sixty-five countries on five continents, finally arriving in Belarus in winter 2018.

An expert on affordable travel, he asks “How expensive is Minsk?” and resumes “It’s super cheap!” You may find some valuable tips in this video. 

A TOUR OF MINSK, BELARUS | Is It Worth Visiting?

Gabriel walked through the city centre to show you the popular sightseeing destinations – Trinity Suburb, the Island of Tears, National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, and more.

How Expensive is MINSK, BELARUS? It’s Super Cheap!

45,000 people learned how to plan a budget for their Minsk trip by watching this video!

Now that the period of stay has been increased to 30 days we wish Gabe comes back to create more quality content about our wonderful country.

Kyle Le Dot Net

Kyle Le is a Vietnamese American YouTuber traveling the world to connect Vietnamese communities abroad. In 2018 he visited the diaspora in Minsk and produced several videos, including similarly named Vietnamese in Minsk, Belarus

Having a simple narrative, it provides insight into the day-to-day lives of the Vietnamese working at Zhdanovichi – the biggest clothes market in the city. Watch the video and you will know where to get the best pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in Minsk!

Belarusian girl shows me MODERN MINSK. BELARUS TRAVEL

“Minsk is a place to be. Seems like every roll has cheese in it.” Some of his 180,000 subscribers thought that he was really into the girl – you will see a lot of her.

10 Years Without Fish Sauce: Vietnamese Life in Eastern Europe: Belarus

Many Vietnamese came here through the labor contract between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, many of them remained. Now they are permanent residents and live in Belarus with their families.

Perhaps the article will inspire you to travel to Belarus and start your own YouTube channel – let us know and we’ll get you featured 😉

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