Announced Most Popular Professions In Minsk

Even though Belarus is well-known for its IT sphere and has brands that spread globally most popular professions in Minsk, according to the updated list of Minsk Labor, Employment and Social Welfare Committee, are nurses, engineers and doctors.

The portal Naviny.by estimated that by August the employers declared 826 vacancies for nurses, 539 – engineers of various qualifications, 463 – doctors-specialists, 440 – specialists of various qualifications, 345 – salesmen.

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In the list there are also 313 bricklayers, 299 painters, 284 cooks, 270 concrete carpenters, 255 assemblers of building structures, 244 plasterers, 237 room cleaners, 205 car drivers, 210 educators, 176 reinforcers, 146 concrete workers, 139 cashiers, 136 paramedics, 135 programmers, 134 seamstresses, 132 directors, 114 teachers, 107 associate professors and woodmen, 101 couriers.

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For employment assistance 19,899 people applied, of which 14,061 are unemployed, in Minsk in January-July 2017.

Source: naviny.by