10 Popular Places In Minsk You Are Not Allowed To Take Photos

If you are not a big fan of Belarusian police you better avoid taking photos of some places in Minsk. BelarusFeed compiled a list of popular spots where photography is totally or partially forbidden.

Hide your camera and phone when you are here!

Minsk Airport

All right, you just arrived to Minsk by plane. And here what you should know about the first place you’ll see when stepping out of the ramp.

We understand that Minsk National Airport looks amazing but abstain from taking a selfie or two while waiting for your taxi.

Also, mind that one is not allowed to take photos of planes from the waiting room, as well as the airport terminal building itself.

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Actually, it’s a common practice in many countries, so it shouldn’t be a big problem for you, we hope.

Railway station

central railway station in minsk rules trouble

The station building is a strategic object. That’s why a photo of these architectural creation can cost you up to three hours at the police station.

Theoretically, police officers can detain any person who looks suspicious for three hours to establish his or her identity, just so you know.

Government House of the Republic of Belarus

Okay, you passed the “Minsk Gates” – two picturesque buildings opposite the station – and moved to the city center towards “Stolitsa” shopping center.

Right in front of you you will see the Government House, the best monument of constructivism in Belarus, built by Joseph Langbard in the 30s of the last century.

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Try to remember it outlines without resorting to gadgets, okay?

KGB building

It’s unimaginable to be in Belarus (which is considered to the last Europe’s dictatorship by the Western World) and don’t take a photo of the legendary KGB building, right?

Well, you can do it, especially if you want to see what the building looks from the inside!


The Minsk metro is a regime facility, where all photos and videos are prohibited and punishable by a fine.

However, do not be discouraged too much, the Minsk metro is not a place where you would like to take a cam out of your backpack.

Academy of Sciences

Despite the fact that the building of the Academy of Sciences has magic night illumination, it is better to admire it without witnesses.

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In case one fails to resist its beauty and takes a photo, he can spend a day in the company of curious Minsk policemen.

Military unit on Yakub Kolas street

Found yourself near a long white wall at Yakub Kolas street?

Of course, it’s not the most impressive view but if (all of a sudden) you decided to take a grunge styled photoshoot not far from the fence there – don’t!

Unless you really want to know what it feels to be in the Belarusian jail.

Embassy of the Russian Federation

You came across a large building with a double-headed eagle at the front of it on Novovilenskaya street? Congrats, you are staring at the Russian embassy.

Officially, it is not included in the list of places for the photos of which tourists may be sent to an exciting excursion to the closest detention unit.

However, it’s still better to take a photo of something that won’t get you behind the bars.

Railway bridges

We don’t know why anyone would like to take a snap of these more threatening than beautiful constructions.

But if you did anyway – be ready to be detained for identification. One may wonder what can be wrong with such innocent photos.

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At this point we should recall that memories of the guerrilla railway war are still rather fresh in Belarus.

That’s why photos of the bridges and similar monuments are prohibited, just in case.

A military town

On the way to the Minsk airport one may accidentally come across a military town.

An ordinary “sleeper” neighbourhood with a Lenin monument and five-story houses is a guarded object.

Take a picture of it and instead of casino croupier you will be entertained by local police officers.

We understand that some of the things that are forbidden in Belarus may seem strange to a European or American.

That’s why we hope our guide of seven not-to-do things will help you to avoid unpleasant moments while in Belarus.