Do Belarusians Feel Safe In Their Country? New Poll

Crime rates in Belarus are decreasing, yet Belarusians don’t feel completely safe.

Women are more anxious than men, a recent report of the IPM research center has revealed.

Crime rates lowest in Brest region, highest – in Minsk region

The number of reported crimes in Belarus kept dropping from 2007 to 2017, the report shows.

For example, in 2007 there were 103,082 recorded thefts in Belarus, and in 2017 their number went down to 32,718. Robberies decreased from 7,747 to 1,545. Meanwhile, crimes related to bribery and drugs has increased in the same period.

Drinking alcohol in a public place is the offense most of the respondents (52.3% ) mentioned as the offense they encounter most often.

The levels of perceived and actual crime often do not coincide. For example, Brest region has the lowest crime rates, while Minsk region the highest, but residents of both regions described the level of safety they feel equal.

Belarusian women feel less safe than men

40% of respondents feel completely safe, the research states.

The level of anxiety is different in men and women. Statistics show that men become victims of crimes more often, yet the level of anxiety is higher among women in Belarus. These gender differences have become more strongly manifested recently.

55.2% of the questioned Belarusian men said they were not afraid to walk on streets, and didn’t take any specific precautions to protect themselves. Only 27.9% of Belarusian women responded the same way.

When it comes to specific risk factors, the responses also varied depending on gender. Women are afraid of suspicious strangers, try not to go out late, or ask their relatives to meet them. Men are afraid to carry large sums of money on themselves.

The level of perceived safety in Belarus is average, the researchers have concluded.

Source: TUT.BY