Hot And Hotter! Minsk Bar Makes Provocative Political Coffee Cups

A bar in Minsk has created a funny ‘political’ collection of cups for hot drinks. The characters on the cups somewhat remind prominent political figures.

You’ll want that takeaway!

For example, a capuccino cup features a shortish guy with two sexy girls. The character is slightly similar Italy’s ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi.

The cup for mulled wine is in Russian style – there’s a dancing bear and a red-faced man who looks like the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

Then there’s also an americano cup and guess-who-it-is character on it.

Finally, a cup for tea features a guy with mustache and a guitar.

When asked who it was, the bar’s spokes person said it’s just “a jolly curly-haired Spaniard”.

You bet!

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