Policewomen Will Debut In 2019 Independence Day Military Parade

Belarusian policewomen will debut in a traditional military parade marking the Independence Day in Minsk on 3 July, Minsk News reports.

For the first time, the women who serve in the Department of Internal Affairs and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will march along their male counterparts.

Photo: Sergei Gapon/Pool via REUTERS

They will march,  show our coherence, power and beauty to the whole world, said Yuri Karayev, the deputy minister and commander of the internal troops.

Major-General is convinced that female personnel will properly represent the department at this landmark event. At the moment, 150 women serve in Belarus police.

Recall that last year, 175 women soldiers and cadets took part in the military parade for the 21st anniversary of the Independence Day.

To participate in the event they had to be 175 cm high, have fit complexion and not older than 35 years old; outstanding service was a plus.

The parade, however, didn’t go smooth as it was expected. One of the female soldiers happened to lose her shoe and marched past President Alexander Lukashenko’s tribune barefooted.

During his visit to the Military Academy, the president joked: “Don’t lose your shoes next time, the rest was fine.”

The parade is the centerpiece of Belarus’s most solemn secular holiday of Belarusian statehood celebrated on 3 July, the day when Minsk was liberated from the Nazi invaders in 1944.

After the parade and official part, the holiday social events start. Throughout the country celebrations, concerts and festivities are held. In the evening in Minsk fireworks are arranged.