Police In Belarus Makes Teen Apologize For Slapping A Sculpture

Police officers in Minsk made a teenager publicly apologize for slapping the sculpture of a policeman in the ‘face’.

In the video released by the ministry’s press service, the guy says he is sorry.

belarus police fine teen

Screenshot: Ministry Of Internal Affairs

The ‘incident’ took place on November 14 in Minsk. The teen ‘slapped’ the sculpture as he passed by.

A security officer, who witnessed it, acted ‘instantly and professionally’. “I chased and caught the hooligan,” the officer says in the video.

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The 16-year-old guy is a student of one of the capital’s lyceum. He allegedly wanted to ‘act cool’.

Screenshot: Ministry Of Internal Affairs

The student was charged for disorderly misconduct, police adding it wasn’t the first time the guy had had problems with the law.

“I sincerely regret what I did, I showed disrespect for the history of the police. I apologize to all officers and the sculpture”, the teen is quoted by the police.

A ‘sacred place’ for police

The offended sculpture is situated near the building of the Internal Ministry.

The monument to Minsk Gorodovoi (the title of police officers in the Russian Empire between 1862 and 1917 – note BelarusFeed) was installed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian police.

The ceremony was headed by the Minister Igor Shunevich. Officers consider the sculpture a ‘sacred place’, the media write.

The charges against the teen are not the first time when offenders were held accountable for similar actions.

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For example, a local anarchist was charged with a criminal case for tying a loop around the policeman’s ‘neck’ and fined 115 Belarusian rubles in spring  2017.

During the hearing, a Minsk resident mentioned another case of a homeless man doing the same thing. The homeless offender was allegedly punished with administrative arrest.

Source: TUT.BY