Police In Belarus Detains Over 100 People, Arrests Go On

A mass wave of detentions by police has taken place in Belarus in the last few days, the media report.

On 21-22 March 17 people were detained on the accusation of preparing “mass riots”, according to the information of the Human Rights Center Viasna, deprived of the registration in Belarus.

detentions belarus

Detentions (black colour), fines (red) and other conflicts with police in Belarus in March 2017. Infographic: TUT.BY

Besides, on 21 March President Alexander Lukashenko announced the detention of ‘militants who were preparing a provocation with weapons’.

“We have already detained several dozen who were training in camps with weapons. By the way, one of the camps was located near Bobruisk and Osipovichi. The rest of the camps are in Ukraine,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

“They were financed through Poland and Lithuania. We are detaining several dozen fighters who were preparing provocations as I speak.”

On 22 two activists – opposition activist Yauhen Afnagel and chairperson of REP trade union Galina Smirnova – were detained in Minsk and Bobruisk accordingly. Smirnova  was detained because of a Facebook’s repost with an appeal to Belarusians to come out to squares of all cities on 26 March.

On 23 March the media have reported the detention of the head of entrepreneurs association Perspectiva Anatoly Shumchenko.

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As Shumchenko managed to tell BelaPAN news agency by phone, he was arrested at around 10:00 in the morning near the kindergarten, to which his child goes. The reasons for the detention are still unknown. The entrepreneur was brought to one of the police departments in Minsk.

Overall, 120 people have been detained by the police starting 3 March. Opposition activists, journalists and citizens who took part in ‘parasite tax’ protests are among them.