Policemen Who Clashed With Protesters Claim ~$145,000 Compensation For Moral Harm

The policemen who were injured during the clash with the protesters during rallies on 9-10 August in Pinsk, claimed about BYN 380,000 [~$145,000/€122,000] compensation for moral damage to the accused, human rights activists report.

For the third week in Brest, the consideration of the criminal case on the mass riots on 9-10 August in Pinsk continues. The victims in the case are 109 police officers, most of whom suffered harm that did not entail a short-term health disorder. At the trial, all police officers are questioned remotely from the Pinsk court via video link. Since the beginning of the trial, 72 Pinsk police officers have been questioned.

All of them file civil claims for compensation for moral damage in amounts ranging from two to 15 thousand rubles. In total, they estimated the moral damage at BYN 382,500 [$145,155 / €122,874]. The police explain their moral suffering by the fact that they “experienced fear, humiliation, pain and shame, because of the events they experienced, they lost sleep, calmness and appetite, felt and are experiencing anxiety.”

In response, residents of Pinsk and the Pinsk region created a petition in which they ask the Brest Regional Executive Committee to carry out an extraordinary certification of all the injured employees of the Pinsk City Department of Internal Affairs and the District Internal Affairs Department involved in street protests against the election fraud, and to establish the degree of suitability of these employees for their positions.

“We express our serious concern: does the moral and psychological state of these employees allow them to carry out tasks to protect the citizens of the Republic of Belarus?” an excerpt of the petition reads.

Source: TUT.BY