Poland, Lithuania And Romania Offer EU To Introduce Visa-Free Regime For Belarusians

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Romania offered the European Union to introduce a visa-free regime for Belarusians, as well as to adopt a program of assistance to the people of the country, the joint statement published on the website of the Polish president reads.

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania and Romania expressed their support to the people of Belarus and their decisions in the document. European leaders also declared their will to stand together with Belarusians “in building a democratic path, via democratically elected state leadership, a free civil society, market economy and the rule of law”.

According to the leaders of the three countries, the EU should strengthen support for democratic and economic reforms in Belarus.

“We believe that in supporting the People of Belarus, the European Union – as a major global economic power – should extend a package of assistance for the democratic Belarus’ economic transformation. The package should encompass, inter alia:

  • facilitation of trade with the EU and assistance in WTO accession negotiations;
  • visa-free regime when the necessary conditions are in place;
  • assistance for the diversification of the energy sector and Belarus’ energy security;
  • access to financial resources for the restructuring and kick-starting the Belarus liberal economy;
  • increasing International Financial Institutions’ presence and activity in reforming the economy and boosting investments.”

Earlier, representatives of the Visegrad Group – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia – spoke on the project of economic cooperation, as well as the introduction of a visa-free regime with Belarus. Then, following the meeting in Lublin, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that the package of support for Belarusians would be presented at the upcoming extraordinary EU summit.