PHOTOS: Major Pipe Break Causes Water Problems In Three Minsk Districts

At about 9 pm on 21 April, residents of Chizhovka, Loshitsa, Serebryanka, Kurasovshchina, and numerous streets in Oktyabrsky district, as well as the village of Gatovo, reported that had no water in their apartments. Eyewitnesses also sent photos and videos of the flooded roadway in Chizhovka. The Minsk City Executive Committee said that the water supply was disrupted in the Oktyabrsky, Leninsky and Zavodskoy districts.

The reason is damage to a big water supply pipeline near one of the construction sites in the capital. The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that a underground gas pipeline was damaged too. The Minsk City Executive Committee warned that a temporary deterioration in water quality is possible, and tankers with drinking water were sent to the affected areas. 

Source: TUT.BY