PHOTOS: Putin And Lukashenko’s Meeting Lasted Over 6 Hours. What Did They Do?

On Monday, 22 February, the meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin took place in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. There have been no official statements following the talks. At first, the parties talked for about an hour and went skiing and snowmobiling [Nikolai Lukashenko was also there], after that they had lunch together and returned to negotiations. Lukashenko and Putin talked for six and a half hours. This is how the meeting looked like – in photos by Reuters.

Watch a video by the Pul Pervogo Telegram channel:

The meeting ended “with smiles and good mood,” writes the Pul Pervogo telegram channel. Putin saw Lukashenko to the car and waved his hand. Read the details of the meeting in the Putin And Lukashenko Meet In Sochi, Discuss Integration And Go Skiing article.

Sources: TUT.BY, Reuters