Photos Of 92 Y.O. Belarusian Fashionista Hit Pages Of The Guardian

92 y.o. Vera Zenko has lived in a small town in Belarus all her life, has an impeccable taste and her photos have just been published by the Guardian.

A photo project about the Belarusian fashionista is one of the finalists of Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest 2018.

Pictures of Vera and her outfits were taken by Minsk-based photographer Tatsiana Tkachova.

Tatsiana spotted Vera in a street of Volozhin, a Minsk region town of 11,500 people, in 2017.

“She was wearing huge sunglasses, a checkered dress, crimson socks, and shoes. That was love from the first sight,” Tatsiana described their first meeting.

Screenshot: theguardian.com

The photographer got acquainted with the stylish woman, and “in five minutes I was sitting at the table in her house, and she was showing me her outfits and telling their story”.

Tatsiana came to visit Vera in Volozhin a few times, staying the night. Vera was sharing her styles and her life story with the photographer.

She likes to dress up. All her life is inside her wardrobe: every dress has its own story, its own memory

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The trips, talks and photos eventually made a photo project that Tatsiana Tkachova named “Vera’s Seasons”. The project became one of the winners of Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest in 2018. In 2019, Vera and her outfits are in the Guardian.

Really, how amazing is this fashionista?

Learn Vera’s story and see more of her looks at Tatsiana Tkachova’s website.