American Vlogger Comes To Minsk To Break Western Media Stereotypes

First Belarus welcomed a BBC photographer, who was absolutely taken aback by the country’s beauty. And now it’s Peter Santenello’s turn to get surprised and fall in love with the country no one expects too much.

Peter Santenello has started travelling since 2002 and just couldn’t stop. In the past 17 years, he visited Asia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and other undervalued continents and countries.

Photo: Peter Santenello’s Facebook page

He admits that his purpose is to break stereotypes about countries Western media usually portray in a negative light. Well, obviously, Belarus is one of them. Remember, we still have the image of “Europe’s last dictatorship“?

“I’m here to convey to you and the world why so many of these people and places are gems, and might even have something special that the West doesn’t,” writes Peter.

In his new  19-minute video about Belarus, Santenello briefly spoke about the consequences of World War II for Belarus, admired the Minsk buildings and the city’s infrastructure.

He listened to “cute provincial music” near Niamiha, watched murals on Kastryčnickaja street, drank coffee at locals coffee shops, took a metro and even tried to find the dangerous side of Minsk.

But something tells us it took him a lot of effort to find at least a remotely unsafe place.

Inspired by many questions about crimes and safety here BelarusFeed came up with a small safety guide to get foreign guests out of trouble, feel free to use it or just follow tips from locals.