15 More People Recognised As Political Prisoners. How Many Of Them In Belarus?

Belarusian human rights activists recognised 15 more people as political prisoners. The text of the corresponding statement was published on the website of the deregistered human rights center Vesna.

Belarusian human rights activists recognised 15 more people as political prisoners. New criminal cases have been initiated against Alexander Tereshko, Irina Schastnaya, Ruslan Parfenov, Denis Zhuk under Article 293 (mass riots).

Sergei Yaroshevich, Oleg Korban, Dmitry Korobeinik, Grigory Solodovnikov, Artem Vinokurov, Alexey Sanchuk, Igor Povarov, Evgeny Yushkevich, Tatyana Yekelchik, Vladislav Martinovich, Ivan Andrushoit are being held under Article 342 [Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them] of the Criminal Code. The latter is also charged with part 2 of Article 349 [Unauthorized access to computer information] of the Criminal Code of Belarus.

The statement also reiterates that the application of Article 293 of the Criminal Code for the events that took place in Belarus since 9 August is groundless. “The protesters did not participate in arson, pogroms, destruction of property and did not offer armed resistance to law enforcement officers. Some cases of violence by demonstrators against security forces require separate legal qualifications, taking into account the context.”

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Belarusian human rights activists demanded the immediate release of 15 people included in the list, as well as all civilians recognised as political prisoners. According to human rights activists, as of 3 December, there are 160 political prisoners in Belarus, as their number continues to increase. The statement was made on behalf of eight human rights organisations, including the deregistered human rights center Vesna, the Belarusian PEN Center, Legal Initiative, and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.