People With Belarusian State Flags Held Picket Near U.S. Embassy In Minsk

On Friday, 30 April, a group of of concerned citizens with state symbols protested outside the U.S. diplomatic mission in Minsk. Apparently, the picket was caused by the statements of the Belarusian authorities about the alleged U.S. involvement in a coup d’etat plot in Belarus.

Photo: the ATN_NEWS telegram channel

State media disseminated a photo where about a dozen people gathered near the U.S. Embassy in Minsk for a picket. Supposedly, they came there after the information about the U.S. involvement in planning an alleged military coup attempt in Belarus were made public. The demonstrators carried state flags and various banners. People also chanted “Lukashenko is our president”.

Recall that in March people with state symbols also held similar pickets in Minsk near the American embassy, ​​as well as next to the building of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine. The U.S. Embassy then called on the Belarusian authorities to extend the right to hold such peaceful protests to anyone who wants to express their opinion in this way.

Source: TUT.BY