Pensioners Who Took Part In Wisdom March Are Now Tried And Fined

On Monday, 30 November, a March of Seniors, aka a March of Wisdom, took place in Minsk. Then security forces followed the protesters, blocked their way and at some point surrounded them. About two dozen people were reportedly detained. Some demonstrators, whose personal particulars were then written down, were visited by police.

Anna Grigorievna [a patronymic name – Ed.] is 66 years old. She just left the Moskovsky district police department after the trial via Skype. The woman was convicted under part 1 of article 23.34 [Violation of the procedures for organizing or conducting public events].

She was fined 30 basic units, which is BYN 810 or approximately $313, or €258. The pensioner was among those who were surrounded by security forces on Volodarsky Street in Minsk. She agreed to give her personal details and was subsequently released.

“Today at 10 am three policemen came. They said they would take me to the Moskovsky District Department of Internal Affairs. I ran, got ready, drank my pills so that I wouldn’t fell unwell later,” said the woman.

Anna noted that she was not shown any subpoena.

“They took me and another pensioner from Kuntsevshchina neighbourhood to the police station in a police car. We stopped by on the way for others, but they were not at home. This is a kind of trip for 30 basic units.”

Although her trial was only at 3.30 pm, the 66-year-old was brought to the police station in the morning.

“We sat in an assembly hall. There were about 10-12 of us. At first, we did not have water, but then they brought some. Basically, it was okay, we all had our pills with us,” she added.

Among those who visited the police department today, there is 58-year-old Nina Ivanovna [ a patronymic name – Ed]. She was brought here on Monday right after the march. Then they let her go home, and yesterday she was summoned to court.

“I was not notified about the trial. The court decision is 30 basic units [BYN 810 or approximately $313, or €258].”

TUT.BY also talked to Alexander whose 61-year-old mother was taken to police station this morning to write an explanatory statement. “She just left,” he said at about 4.30 pm. “She was not fined. They apologized, they came to the conclusion that they made a mistake.”

Source: TUT.BY