Pediatrician Sentenced To Two Years Of House Arrest For Biting Policeman

Elena B., a pediatrician, was sentenced to two years of home confinement for having bitten a police officer, Radio Svoboda reports.

The incident happened on 10 August, a day after the presidential election, in Kalinkovichi. Elena and her husband, who works as a resuscitator, came to the square to take part in a protest rally. Soon after that a couple was detained.

“In a police car, I saw how they brutally detained my husband. They twisted his arms, grabbed his hair and bent his head between his legs. His head was bowed almost to the floor. I didn’t understand why they did this?

I asked them to let him go and tried to somehow help my husband, as he had an eye injury since childhood. They twisted my arms too. I was trying to help my husband and bit the policeman on his back. After the bite, he did not react in any way,” Elena told the court.

The policeman said that at first he did not understand that the woman had bitten him, only “felt a pinch somewhere on his back.” His colleagues testified that he did not complain or told them anything about it during the arrest. “I endured the pain!” explained the policeman.

Then at home he noticed that he had a small hematoma on his back. He told his superiors about it, who advised him to file a complaint. As a result, a criminal case was initiated. In court, the policeman demanded compensation for non-pecuniary damage in the amount of BYN 3,000 [~$1,170/€980].

When asked about moral damage, the policeman reasoned: “I was worried. Maybe she [the accused] has some contagious diseases, HIV or coronavirus.”

The court found Elena guilty of violence or the threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies and sentenced her to two years of “home confinement” [restriction of freedom without being sent to a penal-correctional institution]. The judge denied the policeman compensation for moral damage. However, during the first court session break, Elena voluntarily transferred BYN 1,200 [~$470/ €390] to the claimant’s bank account.