Call From The Past. Retro Pay Phones Appear On Minsk Streets

In the age of smartphones and dozens of messengers, public phones feel like relics. And if you are one those who miss good old days when one wasn’t distracted all the time by its phone – come to Minsk. First, it’s quite here and, second, 56 payphones have been installed on its streets.

Why use a payphone?

A payphone is another alternative when you are away from home, have your battery dead and no other way to contact the world, Beltelecom explains.

Therefore, most devices are installed in places where people have no other opportunity to get in touch. These are hospitals, boarding schools, a railway station, airport, etc.

How to make it call back?

To have a payphone call you back, you need to tell the number of the nearest payphone to the person you want to talk to and wait for his call at the set time.

The payphone number has the usual format, so there will be no problems with the call. A call to a payphone can be received from anywhere in the world.

pau phone minsk

Or you can dial 811 on the payphone and ask the operator to call a person you want to talk to. After that, the person should agree to the call and pay for it.

Mind that there are some limitations: this trick does not work when calling to mobile and international numbers.

Where to find a payphone?

Look for a payphone near the central railway and bus stations, in hospitals, boarding schools and Suvorov Military School, at the pre-trial detention centre on Volodarsky Street and drug dispensary.

Besides, one can receive a call near the following metro stations: Mahiloŭskaja, Hrušaŭka, Michałova, Piatroŭščyna, Traktarny Zavod, Instytut Kultury, Uschod, Barysaŭski trakt, Uručča, Aŭtazavodskaja, and Kamiennaja Horka.

A full list of payphones with incoming calls service can be found on the Beltelecom website.

How to pay for a call?

To pay for a payphone call, a person should use a service telephone card with prepaid minutes. The card can be acquired at Beltelecom service centers or post offices.

To activate it, dial 176, wait for an operator to respond and tell him/her a PIN code indicated on the card. In this case, you do not need to insert a card into the payphone’s card reader.

By the way, calls to emergency numbers (101, 102, 103, 104, 112) via the payphone can be made immediately at no charge.