Even Vegetarian And Children’s. Belavia Shows Menu For Passengers On Flights

Since the beginning of 2017, Belavia will update the supply system on board every six months. 

See what kind of menu for passengers operates since 1 May.


Photo: belavia.by

For meat-eaters

The economy class offers beef slices and beef sausages, cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese, lettuce leaves and parsley greens. In addition –  the sauce “Caesar”, melted cheese and a “Polet” bun. Belavia chocolate or a cake are for dessert.

Drinking water is available absolutely on all flights. You can also choose tea or coffee. The economy class offers juice on most destinations. Cream, lemon and sugar are included.


For vegetarians

When buying a ticket, a passenger can choose one of two types of vegetarian food: vegetarian and strictly vegetarian – without eggs and dairy products.

For breakfast you will be offered either cheese cakes with jam or curd pudding, depending on the flight, time of day and the ration. Buckwheat or potatoes with mushrooms, as well as grilled vegetables, are for lunch or dinner.

Depending on the ration the board crew give you a cheese, or a vegetable, or a fruit snack. For tea and coffee a passenger is offered muesli or bitter Belavia chocolate. You can choose a drink according to your liking.


For children

You can order a special menu for children when buying a ticket. In this case, the children will get chicken nuggets with French fries and a vegetables. Sweet snacks on board include a “Polet” bun and muesli.

Children can ask for tea, coffee or juice depending on the flight.


And here’s how the food is photographed by the passengers on board:


Bon Appetit!

Source: citydog.by