March And Fireworks. Guide To Victory Day In Belarus

Although most locals have left for big May holidays, there are many things to do in Belarus on Victory Day.

Where to watch parade and fireworks on 9 May?

In Minsk alone, over 80 events are scheduled to mark the Victory Day.

The parade and laying of flowers will take place at Ploshad’ Pobedy (Victory Square) at 11 am on 9 May. Mind the security checks!

The main celebrations will unwind around the Sports Palace and the Trinity Suburb. A concert and a festive fair will open near the Palace of Sports at 10 am. They will be followed by the “Race of the brave” at 11 am, a power extreme competition Minsk Strong Battle, and other interesting activities.

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War will hold interactive excursions at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 and 4 pm.

The grand Victory Day fireworks will start at 11 pm on 9 May. Here are the five spots to watch it:

  • Victory Square
  • Minsk Hero City monument and Komsomolskoye Lake
  • Airport Minsk-1
  • Village Zatsen near Drozdy park
  • Park of the 120th separate guard’s mechanized brigade in Vostochny microdistrict (Uruch’ye)

Program of 9 May events in Minsk districts.

What’s up in other cities?

In Brest, the column will start marching to the Brest Fortress at 10 am, with the flowers laying ceremony at 11 am and a concert following it. The fireworks will light the sky above the Fortress at 11 pm. Full program of 9 May events in Brest.

In Grodno, celebrations will be scattered around Lenina Square, Zhilbert park, Sovetskaya street, the Mound Of Glory. Check out the moto rally from 1 May street to Sovetskaya Square at 11:30 am, and, of course, the fireworks at 11 pm. Full program of 9 May events in Grodno.

In Vitebsk, festive events started on 3 May, but the main ones are scheduled on 9 May. Visit Ploshad Pobedy, the center of Victory Day celebrations – animated rally at 10 am, with concerts, competitions, artisans fair following. Full program of 9 May events in Vitebsk.

In Mogilev, the 9 May festivities will start with a march of military units of Mogilev garrison at Lening Square at 9:45 am. It will be followed by a march of veterans and flowers laying ceremony. Among other curious activities, there’s the “Soldier’s Porridge” event starting at 11 am near Magnit shopping center, the “Victory Waltz” at 12 pm at the Astronomer Square and much more. Full program of 9 May events in Mogilev.

In Gomel, Victory Day 2019 will be celebrated in a large-scale way with numerous events, concerts, exhibitions, as well as fireworks and a fire show. Gomel will begin celebrations at 10 am with a column of veterans marching from Vosstaniya Square to Labor Square. The concert and a fair will start at 11 am on Lange Street. In the Kalinin cinema, there will be thematic film screenings and soldier’s porridge tasting. For more entertainment, check out the Sozh river embankment. As in other cities, the fireworks start at 11 pm. Full program of 9 May events in Gomel.