Ordinary hero: Policeman rescues granny lost in woods

A policeman rescued an elderly woman who lost in the woods while picking mushrooms in Polotsk, Vitebsk region.

Major Vladimir Suvorov 

Major Vladimir Suvorov

The relatives of the woman called the police after the grandmother didn’t come home one day.

Shortly afterwards, the task force started search for the missing pensioner and even had to use a rocket launcher as it was already dark at the time.

Half an hour after the beginning of the search Major Vladimir Suvorov, the head of the department of military logistics of Polotsk police, found her lying in a swampy ravine.

The senior said she saw the rocket sparks but was extremely exhausted to get out on her own. The situation was complicated by the fact that the old lady suffers from diabetes, and has to inject insulin every two hours.

Assessing the situation, Mr Suvorov picked the grandmother up, lifted her out of the ravine, and carried about a kilometer to his car. Later, she received medical treatment, her condition is reportedly stable.