Belarus Opposition Leaders Kolesnikova And Babariko Creating New Political Party

Belarus opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova and the team of jailed opposition figure Viktor Babariko announced that they were creating a new political party called Together, a video shared online shows.

In a video address recorded before his arrest and exclusion from the election ballot, Babariko explains that the party’s  main goals will include constitutional reform, the economy improvement, the opportunity for people to show civic initiative.

Belarus opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova

Further, Maria Kolesnikova says that they are creating the political party “Together”. She notes that more has been achieved in the past three months than in the previous 26 years. The country is now in a political and socio-economic crisis and “together we know how to get out of this crisis.”

“Hundreds and thousands of Belarusians, talented professionals are ready to take responsibility and build a new Belarus together. Very soon we will hand in the paperwork needed for registration. We will unite and be even stronger. Together we will win!” said Maria Kolesnikova.

Earlier today at a press conference, Former Belarusian Minister Of Culture and Ambassador to France Pavel Latushko said that the issue of creating a public movement on the basis of the Coordination Council on power transition in Belarus is ripe.

Maria Kolesnikova was the election campaign manager for Victor Babariko, the expected main challenger in the 2020 presidential election. However, he was arrested and Kolesnikova continued her work alongside Veronika Tsepkalo and ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Kolesnikova is the only one of the opposition ‘women’s triumvirate’ who remains in Belarus. Tikhanovskaya had to flee to Lithuania after election results had been made public, while Tsepkalo left for Russia to join her husband and children who were reportedly threatened shortly before that.