Okay, How Much? One Day For A Traveler In Minsk-Vilnius-Warsaw Compared

Minsk, Vilnius or Warsaw. No matter what Eastern European capital you will choose, your vacation will likely to be perfect. But which of them won’t flatten your wallet?

BelarusFeed checked prices for meals, drinks, accommodation and other tourist staples for you not to waste time looking for bargains. All you have to do is to read and choose for yourself.

In this travel price guide, we outline the basic travel expenses excluding bar and pub, club entry feessouvenirs, shoppingtours and other expenses. Don’t forget to budget extra for those non-essentials.

Photo by @dimid.by

Okay, you made it to your destination and coffee is all you need at the moment. In Minsk, a cup of cappuccino will cost you less than $2, while Vilnius and Warsaw coffeeshops are ready to sell your dose of caffeine for $2,50+.

Energized and curious you are ready to explore the city? Let’s go to the top tourist heritage attraction. In Minsk, it’s Victory Square, in Vilnius is the Hill of Three Crosses and in Warsaw is the Royal Route.

Lucky for you, all of them won’t cost you a penny, ruble, złoty or euro cent!

minsk vilnius warsaw travel budget

After strolling around the city and taking thousands of photos for Instagram it’s time to take a bite. In Minsk and Warsaw, 3-course evening meal for two will cost you up to $31, in Vilnius – $40.

All capitals have plenty of hotels and hostels for every taste and budget. Like anywhere in the world the universal rule works here  – look for expensive hotels in the city center and for cheaper ones outside of it.

Turns out, Belarus’s capital is the best value destination for bargain hunters. Locals prices for the tourist items are several times cheaper than in two other destinations surveyed. Explore the table.

*Holidaymakers, mind that all prices are accurate as of 12 June 2019, do your holiday homework and check the current prices BEFORE the trip.

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