Okay, How Much? One Day For A Traveler In Minsk And Riga

Minsk, Moscow or Kyiv, Vilnius or Warsaw and finally… Riga. It’s high time to compare the last (but not the least!) Eastern European capital neighbor from the far north with Belarus’ capital. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

BelarusFeed checked prices for meals, drinks, accommodation and other tourist must-keep-in-minds for you not to worry about it and just enjoy your time.

In case your interests extend beyond basic travel expenses, budget some extra for such non-essentials as bar and pub, club entry feessouvenirs, shoppingtours and other expenses.

Minsk Riga prices travel

Minsk Riga prices travel

Minsk Riga prices travel

Turns out, Belarus’s capital is the best value destination for bargain hunters. Locals prices for the tourist items are several times cheaper than in two other destinations surveyed. Explore the table.

*Holidaymakers, mind that all prices are accurate as of 8 AUGUST 2019, do your holiday homework and check the current prices BEFORE the trip.

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