Okay, How Much? One Day For A Traveler In Minsk-Moscow-Kyiv Compared

Planning to take a short break in Eastern Europe and can’t decide what capital to choose? BelarusFeed checked prices for meals, drinks and other tourist staples for you not to waste your time on looking for bargains.

Minsk, Moscow or Kyiv. Where will you go?

In this travel price guide, we outline the estimated travel expenses for food, accommodation, attractions, alcohol, and other things one can’t do without while traveling abroad.

These prices are based on what you’ll need to visit the cities comfortably. They don’t include big nights out at the bar and pub, club entry feessouvenir and clothing shopping, tours. Don’t forget to budget extra for those non-essentials.

minsk moscow kyiv

As the day of most tourists starts with coffee to wake up, it was logical to start the comparison with it. In Minsk and Kyiv, a decent cup of cappuccino will cost you less than $2, while Moscow coffeeshops will ask for at least $2,50+.

You’ve got your coffee and ready to explore the city? Let’s go to the tourist favorite attraction in the city. Here’s the good news for those coming to Minsk, almost all top locations here are free.

Victory Square is one of the key landmarks of Minsk. It is an iconic memorial to those who died in WWII in Belarus and to be honest it just looks really cool. Any other free spots to must-see?


The Island of Tears, a place of reflection to those who lost their lives in Afghanistan, in a quiet part of Minsk. It can be reached by the arch-type bridge. Not far from it is Trinity Hill.

The oldest district and one of the most Instagrammable places in the city, it is perfect to watch the sunset or take a walk along beautiful 19th-century houses overseeing the Svisloch river.

After strolling around the city and taking thousands of photos it’s time to have some meal. In Moscow, 3-course evening meal for two will cost you $38,70, in Minsk  – $30, in Kyiv – $24,44.

All capitals have plenty of hotels and hostels throughout the city. However, you shouldn’t expect much, cheap hotels tend to be located fairly far outside the city centre.

Once you get around $100 a night, the hotels get a bit better. Also note, hotel prices can fluctuate quite a bit on the weekend, in summer, Christmas, and if there are any big conventions in town.

Turns out, Ukraine’s capital is the best value destination for bargain hunters. Locals prices for the tourist items are several times cheaper than in two other destinations surveyed

Minsk is a close runner-up. Costs in both cities are significantly lower than in more established Eastern European favourite like Moscow.

*Holidaymakers, mind that all prices are accurate as of 26 April 2019, do your holiday homework and check the current prices before the trip.

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