Number Of Visa-Free Tourists In Jan-July 2019 Up 62% Compared To 2018

In seven months of 2019, the number of visa-free tourists to Belarus grew by 62% compared with the relevant period of 2018.

Around 174,000 total.

“Around 174,000 tourists entered Belarus via the National Airport Minsk or visa-free zones of the Brest and Grodno regions in the seven months of this year,” Deputy Head of the Tourism Department at Ministry Of Sports And Tourism Vitali Hrytsevich reported.

Tourism officials project further growth in the number of visa-free tourists to Belarus.

Recall, Belarus recently extended and unified the visa-free zones in Grodno and Brest regions. Visa-free stay on that territories will be prolonged to 15 days for travelers from 73 countries. The changes will apply since 10 November.

Two Years Of Visa-Free Travel In Belarus In Infographics

Tourists spend on average 2.5 days in Belarus visa-free zones. According to experts, after the creation of a single visa-free zone, their stay will increase to 3.5-4 days.