New Record Every Weekend! Number Of Visa-Free Tourists In Grodno Is Growing Exponentially

More than 7 000 foreigners from 33 countries have visited Grodno and the surrounding area since the visa-free entrance to these places was established 5 months ago, and now the number of tourists is increasing every week. About 800 tourists visited the city last weekend, the local media reported. For example, just a weekend before there were 600 tourists visiting Grodno. 


The increase in tourist numbers is linked to the beginning of spring.

Since the beginning of March the region has 550-600 visa-free travelers during the weekend, and traditionally the attendance peak is on Saturday. This weekend the Augustów Canal has beat the record – the park was visited by 790 foreigners.

About 65% of visa-free visitors are citizens of Lithuania. Tourists are attracted by Belarusian hospitality, cultural and historical sights such as castles, museums, places of worship. Many people come to Belarus to see the premiere performances, art exhibitions, take a stroll along the city streets during the entertaining events, fairs, celebrations and festivals. Foreigners are interested in Belarusian health centers and farmsteads as well.

Last weekend Grodno was visited by representatives of the Lithuanian tourist business. In two days they got acquainted with the most interesting tourist objects in Grodno and places nearby. Now the visit of representatives of the Polish media is planned to be in April.

The park from above

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