Number Of Coronavirus Cases In Belarus Increases To 51

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Belarus has increased to 51 people. Nine of them display symptoms of the COVID-19 infection, 37 patients are asymptomatic.

As of 18 March, 8 am, only nine patients have clinical symptoms of coronavirus. The 37 people who tested positive for the virus but show no symptoms are under medical observation.

belarus coronavirus cases

Five people have been cured and discharged from hospital. Another three are undergoing additional laboratory tests and are expected to be discharged in the near future.

17 of all the cases were imported from abroad, the latest four came from Spain, France, Germany and Saint Petersburg. They were identified at quarantine stations. The rest cases are of local transmission.

Some 1,960 people who have returned from at-risk countries remain under medical observation. Nearly 2,700 people who were under a 14-day surveillance have already been medically cleared.

On Tuesday, 17 March, Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik stated that no new cases of coronavirus infection were reported. As of 16 March, 36 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus were reported. One of the patients was in a moderate condition with positive dynamics.

Source: TUT.BY