Novopolotsk Becomes Cultural Capital Of Belarus 2018

Novopolotsk, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, has become “The Capital of Culture of Belarus” on Tuesday, 23 January.

The young city has a lot to show and something to boast of!

Novopolotsk has 12 institutions of culture and art, 35 outstanding art groups and many more.

It became the second city of Vitebsk Oblast to be awarded this status.

The nationwide campaign “The Capital of Culture of Belarus” is held for the ninth time.

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This year the festive event was hosted by Novopolotsk, where hundreds of cultural events will take place.

“The year 2018 is unusual and special for Novopolotsk. The city will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Throughout the year the city will hold the activities related to the status of the Capital of Culture of Belarus. The city got it by right.

Despite its relative youth, Novopolotsk is one of the largest industrial centers of the country.

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It cannot boast of ancient monuments but it has developed a rich social and cultural landscape.

No doubt the city will support the national traditions of the project that was first held in Polotsk in 2010.

More than 200 events are scheduled to take place throughout the year.

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They will give an impetus to further development of the city,” said Belarus’ Culture Minister Yuri Bondar.

The city projects will preserve the cultural identity, country’s traditions and achievements of the national culture, revitalize creativity, and increase tourism attractiveness.

Polotsk was the Capital of Culture in 2010, Gomel in 2011, Nesvizh in 2012, Mogilev in 2013, Grodno in 2014, Brest in 2015, Molodechno in 2016, Bobruisk in 2017.

Source: BelTA