Residents Of Rebellious Neighborhood In Minsk Have No Water, Heating

For three days, residents of Novaya Boravaya neighbourhood in Minsk don’t have water in their apartments. Today there’s no heating. People believe this may be revenge by authorities. A water supply system could be damaged intentionally, as they have been particularly vocal in opposing the regime. Besides, on the same day when water disappeared, portable toilets painted in the colours of the national flag were brought to the rebellious microdistrict.

Local schools and kindergartens have been affected by the situation too, as a result, classes were canceled on Tuesday. Meanwhile, people have to line up in the cold to get some water from water tanks. Minskers from other districts have been bringing large bottles of water to Novaya Borovaya, others invited fellow citizens to have bath, wash clothes or stay at their place until the problem is solved.

Just yesterday, Minskvodokanal said that probably someone damaged the valve in the water supply system. Today they reported that the problem has been solved, but there is still no water in the microdisctrict, the system is reportedy being checked by a sanitary station. Minskvodokanal said that the water supply to the residential area will be restored in full after receiving positive results of laboratory testing of water quality.

Residents of Novaya Borovaya believe that water cut-off and the protracted solution to the problem may be associated with their active civil engagement and numerous white-red-white flags and other symbols hanging in the yards. Locals describe the situation as mockery and not without a reason. The same day when water disappeared, portable toilets painted in the colours of the national flag were brought to the rebellious neighbourhood.

“I saw how they installed white-red-white toilets. This was done by a manipulator, and a minibus similar to those working at rallies was parked in a parking lot nearby. I don’t know if the minibus is related to the toilets in any way, but I didn’t dare to ask them [people inside – Ed.] what was happening,” said Alexey.

Mewnhile, human rights activists appealed to the UN on the issue. They are convinced that water cut-off is linked to the active civic engagement of local residents. Novaya Borovaya is one of the most protesting microdistricts in Minsk. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the majority of votes at two polling stations there.

On Tuesday, close to the president’s press service telegram channel Pul Pervogo reported that the president had been informed about the situation in Novaya Borovaya. Alexander Lukashenko’s assistant in Minsk, Alexander Barsukov (former Deputy Interior Minister), and Natalya Kochanova, commissioner for the capital, were instructed to control water supply to the microdistrict.

Source: TUT.BY