Novaya Borovaya Residents Arrested For Shouting “Long Live Belarus” From Windows

Three residents of the Novaya Borovaya neighbourhood in Minsk were detained for shouting “Long live Belarus” from the windows, two of them were arrested for 10 days. Their apartments were searched, the telegram channel “Viasna” Naziraye reports.

On 21 April, eight residents of Novaya Borovaya were detained for having paper hearts on the windows. As a result, they were fined BYN 5,800 [$2,262 / € 1,872] and would have to serve 77 days of administrative arrest. Three other residents of the rebellious neighbourhood were taken to the police station for allegedly shouting “Long live Belarus” from the windows of their apartments.

The police officers searched the apartments of 29-year-old Yana Apasova, 31-year-old Alexander Anisko and 32-year-old Oleg Lyalik. They were accused of “deliberately violating the Law ‘On Mass Events’, taking part in unauthorized picketing – leaning out of the window of the apartment, shouting slogans ‘Long live Belarus’ on 20 April from 9 pm to 9.03 pm”. On 23 April, judge Katerina Novikova considered the cases of three residents of Novaya Borova in the Minsk district court.

Oleg and Alexander live on the second floor, Yana – on the eighth. This did not prevent the police witness from “recognizing their faces” in the dark and identifying them in court. At the trial, Oleg and Yana said that they heard people shouting that day, but they did not take part in this action. Alexander at this time, together with his wife, was bathing their child. Shortly before the arrest, he was an attesting witness during a search at his neighbour’s.

When the police officer came to the Apasov family, they had a friend over. The officers offered to choose which of them would go to the police station for a conversation. Since Yana’s husband was sick, she decided to go. Later the police witness claimed that he saw Yana shouting slogans from the window, so he detained her. Alexander Anisko is the only one of the detainees whose windows overlook not the courtyard, but the forest. The judge sent his case back for “revision”. Oleg Lyalik and Yana Apasova were sentenced to 10 days of arrest.

Source: TUT.BY