Pure Magic! Breathtaking Northern Lights Seen Over Belarus

An unexpectedly strong solar storm that recently buffetted our planet, caused beautiful Aurora to appear in skies across the northern hemisphere.

And Belarus was no exception!

northern lights

The skywatchers could have seen the most spectacular Northern Lights in the north of Belarus on the night of 18 to 19 March.

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Astronomy lover Ruslan Zavadich managed to capture an atmospheric phenomenon near the village of Beresnevka in the Dokshitsy district.

northern lights

Bright, magical colours were visible in the sky a little over an hour but will be remembered forever by those who like to stare in the night skies.

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If you were not so lucky you still might have a second chance on 22, and 26 March to see two geomagnetic storms.

northern lights

The cause of the northern lights was a strong magnetic storm – the strogest of this year so far.

Take a glimpse of this miracle:

Even more spellbinding auroras were seen in the countries far north of Belarus.

Nature’s own fireworks. #nikonnordlys #aurora

Публикация от Glen Darrud (@gdarrud)

Photos: Ruslan Zavadich

Source: TUT.BY