Ministry Of Health: No Cases Of Chinese Coronavirus Detected In Belarus

In Belarus, none in several dozen people have tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. Most of them were diagnosed with influenza A and B viruses.

Situation in Belarus

Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik stated that several dozens of Belarusians have passed laboratory diagnostics of the new coronavirus. None of them has tested positive.

The diagnostics are carried out in a PCR laboratory, the biomaterial of patients suspected of being infected with coronavirus is delivered to Minsk.

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Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik

“Disease-control measures are carried out in full, this applies to the National Airport and other checkpoints along the border of Belarus. We assess potential risks and develop a set of measures minimizing them. We work closely with our colleagues from neighbouring countries.

Yesterday, we had a meeting with the representatives of the CIS ministries of health. Today we met with the Chinese ambassador. A clear exchange of facts through all channels is important to us,” said Vladimir Karanik.

He also noted that China is taking all effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus outside their country. It is not easy to get infected with this virus, there must be a long contact and cohabitation; medical workers are at risk, the minister said.

According to the department’s estimates, about 3,000 Chinese students and workers should come to Belarus in February after the New Year holidays. Due to this fact,  an additional level of control will be opened at the airport.

“There will be double control at the airport. First, medical employees will identify patients with signs of a viral infection on board. Then such patients will be transferred to the civil aviation medical service, border and customs control will be separately carried out for them.”

A laboratory will be opened at the airport, where passengers who have been in China for a long time will undergo diagnostics for a new type of pneumonia.

“It’s not easy to get this virus, but a long stay in China increases this risk. Therefore, in addition to the fact that doctors on the plane will evaluate the health status of passengers, those who have been in China for a long time will be offered to undergo laboratory monitoring to detect coronavirus,” the minister explained.

All visitors from China are provided with memos that during the incubation period, which is 14 days, one needs to monitor own health condition. If it worsens, it is best to call an ambulance.

Situation in the world

The death toll from the new coronavirus now stands at 106, with the number of infections almost doubling in a day to more than 4,500, as of 27 January, up from 2,835 a day earlier.

According to the World Health Organization and national authorities, there have been at least 47 confirmed cases outside China. So far, there have been no deaths outside China. Belarus has urged its nationals to “reconsider travel” to China and is advising against travel to Hubei province.

Source: TUT.BY