Newlyweds Rescue People From Burning Car On Their Wedding Day

A feel-good story happened in the Gomel region, on 29 September, where a newlywed couple rescued people from a burning car on the way back from their own wedding.

Last Sunday a 22-year-old drunk driver lost control of a car rounding a curve, skidded off the roadway and hit a tree.  Immediately after that, the vehicle caught fire with the passengers stuck inside of it.

It is not known how the story might have ended if it were not for Alexander and Irina Gritsevichi returning from their own wedding on a taxi, Mayak newspaper reports.

“We were stopped by a guy who asked for help. Then we saw a burning car that had crashed into a tree. A man was sitting behind the wheel,” recalls the events of that day Irina.

“A terrible sight,” adds her husband Alexander. “The car was on fire, and the driver couldn’t get out on his own. He was injured. I tried to open the door, but it was jammed.

I don’t really know how I managed to open the door, to rip it actually. I did it without without hesitation, because the car could have exploded at any moment.”

While Alexander was pulling the shocked driver, his new wife called the Ministry of Emergencies and an ambulance.

“It was really scary. But at the time the desire to help a person overpowered fear. I think that everyone should act like this – don’t pass by and help,” says Irina.

The driver and 16-year-old passenger were hospitalized to the intensive care unit of the Gomel hospital.