Handy Tips For New Year 2019 Night In Minsk

The world is preparing for New Year 2019 and there will be huge celebrations in cities in towns all over the planet tonight. 

We are glad you chose Minsk as a place where to say good-bye to 2018, so here are some useful tips for the main night of the year.

New Year 2019 minsk

New Year 2019 parties

The two major celebrations in Minsk will take place in the downtown.

A big fair with music and concert near the Sports Palace will start at 11 pm on December 31st and continue until 4 am on January 1st.  The fair will re-open at 3 pm on January 1st.

Another huge party will be going on at Kastrychnitskaya Plošča from 11 pm on December 31st to 4 am on January 1st.

Both fairs are free.

Smaller New Year parties will be organized in every district.

New Year 2019 fireworks

Whether you’re celebrating at home with family, at a club with friends or dancing outside under one of the New Year trees in Minsk, you’ll most certainly be able to watch the festive fireworks as their timings are extremely convenient.

After opening your champagne at midnight, head out to Niamiha to watch the major fire and music show starting at 1.30 am. The main New Year 2019 firework of Minsk will last for 11 minutes.

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Another firework will start at the same time near Minsk Ice Palace (Puškinskaja metro station) and will last till 1.45 am.

Finally, the third major firework snow will light up the sky at Hugo Chávez park at 2 am.

Public transport

There will be no problem moving around the capital on New Year’s night.

The metro will be working till 4 am. Three central stations – Niamiha, Kastryčnickaja and Frunzienskaja – will be open till 4.15 am for those resistant passengers who make it till the end of New Year fairs.

The metro will re-open at 5.30 am on January 1st.

The major bus, trolley and tram routes connecting Minsk outskirts and center will be served will 5 am (full list here). The waiting time will make from 15 to 20 minutes.

On December 31 all ground transport is running according to the Sunday schedule. If you plan to continue exploring Minsk in the following days, check out our big guide to the city’s public transport.

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Featured image: tantess/Instagram, TUT.BY.