There’s A New Travel Website About Belarus And It Has Everything Tourists Need To Know

Authors of bestseller Heta Belarus Dzietka launched a new travel website about Belarus.

“Fun, illustrative and no-bullshit!”

travel website belarus

The website is called ‘Hifive Belarus‘.

Its creators describe is as a travel platform loaded with useful content.

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The website already has 40 articles about ‘what to do’, ‘what to see’ in Minsk and ‘who Belarusians are’.

For example, we have discovered a guide to the cosiest cafes, which, of course, would be helpful on a cold autumn day, tips on where to buy souvenirs and even a list of places Minskers actually hate!

The articles for Hifive are created by locals – writers, travelers, life enjoyers – so one can count on quality advice and best insights.

Heta Belarus Dzietka originated as a blog about Belarus written by two girls who were born in the country, raise abroad and came back to discover their motherland.

The blog was so successful that it later turned into a colorful book that offered a funny yet reflective and revealing look at the Belarusians, their customs and their mentality.