New Oil Field Discovered in Belarus

Screenshot_1A new oil field was discovered within the intermediate block of regional Rechitsa-Vishansky fault of the Pripyat Basin. It was named Ugolskoe field, the press service of Belarusian oil company Belorusneft told the media.

The new field is estimated to contain about 1.7 million tons of oil. A more accurate estimate will be done in 2017 after exploration drills.

Ugolskoe field is classifed difficult to access. Oil reserves there are located deep in low-permeability reservoirs.

On the other hand, a positive factor for the development of the field is its abnormally high formation pressure.

Belorusneft is a state-owned petroleum company founded in 1966. Belorusneft comprises over 40 subdivisions for oilfield services, engineering, design, gas processing, and petroleum product sales in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Poland.

Belarus is estimated to contain 5–11 billion tonnes of oil shale. Up to 3.6 billion tonnes of recoverable reserves are concentrated within the Pripyat Basin, occupying western Gomel, southern Minsk and eastern Brest regions.

Photo credit: belorusneft.by.