New Information Signs Installed In Minsk. Can You Read Them?

New info signs keep appearing around the city ahead of the 2nd European Games that will be held in Minsk on 21 June-30 July. The spelling of some of them raise the eyebrows of the locals. 

Look for yourself. Here’s one of them installed in the metro passage showing the way to the Arena City shopping center.

Traditionally, social media users divided into those mocking the absurdity of the writing and those who explain why Latin transliteration is actually fine.

“New York Sici, this is how it should have been written. Google Maps is wrong.”

“We apologize for the inconveniences (transliterated in Russian – BelarusFeed note).”

Another sign is for those who are planning to visit the Republican Center for Physical Education and Sports. Feels that the sign in the English language could be of use here, agree?

The issue of transliteration in Belarus public places is an old story since there are supporters of pushing the national idea in all spheres and those who insist on usability in navigation.

Plošča Pieramohi, Kastryčnickaja or Plošča Jakuba Kolasa can catch anyone off guard. To understand where all the disputes come from, read our piece explaining the phenomenon of Biełaruskaja Łacinka in detail.