New HTP Residents Come From Regions, Bring Total Number To 505

56 new companies have joined the Hi-Tech Park (HTP) in Belarus, bringing the total numbers of residents to 505, park.by reports.

Noteworthy that most of them came from regions of Belarus – Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Grodno, Polotsk and Rogachev.

htp park belarus residents

Photo credit: dev.by

The newcomers have a wide range of competencies in various fields. Bright Solutions creates software solutions for automatization in housing and energy areas.

Regula develops and manufactures devices for the recognition, reading and subsequent control of the authenticity of protected documents.

OMP System implements software in industrial enterprises. Pavaga Gaming train eSports teams. Vizart from Grodno creates software for visualization of interiors using solutions in computer vision and augmented reality.

The GoodSoft resident from Vitebsk is developing a set of software modules for pharmaceutical enterprises and laboratories. The Mogilev company Etna-Bel is working on a securities market management system.

Foreign investment companies also entered the HTP. Layfteh develops digital products for a Turkish mobile communications giant Turkcell.

A global software company from the U.S, ArasCorp Software Development Center creates systems for managing complex production processes has become the HTP resident too.

New residents work in machine learning, computer vision, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, financial technology, industry, education, telemedicine, biotechnology, mining, e-commerce, video games, and eSports.