National Library Observation Deck And Other Unusual Parties Start In Belarus

Dancing in a disco, boozing in a bar? How boring! Nowadays, partygoers aren’t satisfied with just any old party at your standard locale.

What about joining a party at the observation deck of the National Library? This is something anyone could have easily done during the Library Night in Minsk last month.

national libarry roof party belarus

Electronic music, bright dances under a starry sky with an amazing view of the night city. The party is one of many unconventional parties that will be held at the most unusual locations.

The project that goes under the name SPHERE offers to watch the parties afterward to enjoy the moment if you happen to miss it in real life.

national libarry roof party belarus

The idea of ​​the library as a spot for the first video came a long time ago. After all, this is a calling card of Minsk and Belarus.

There’s a beautiful view of the city from the observation deck, and the very fact of the party here creates a wow effect.”

The National Library party started at sunset and entertained its visitors with various music styles united by lightness and warm vibes of the Minsk underground scene.

The party planners are not going to stop at it and are currently preparing more surprises.

Don’t forget to check their pages and channels on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook from time to time, since the venues will be revealed a few hours before the start.

Source: 34mag.net