NAKED Driver, 28, Wrestles With Police In Snow After Crashing Into Bus Stop In Vitebsk (VIDEO)

Hilarious dashcam footage from Belarus showed police officers wrestling with a naked driver in the snow near a bus stop he had crached his car it a little while before.

The 28-year-old man ploughed his Ford Fiesta into the bus stop on one of the streets of Vitebsk on Tuesday, 3 January. The eye witnesses have called the cops and paramedics.

The accident would have remained unnoticed but for the look of the driver. When police arrived at the scene and wanted to detain the intruder, the man, a local resident, got out of the ambulance NAKED.


Photo credit: Youtube

A fellow motorist who spotted the bizarre scene pulled over to watch how it unfolded – and caught the arrest on their dashcam.

It’s not yer clear whether he was undressed while driving, police said. The driver’s clothers were found in the street and the investigation has been launched.


The scene of the accident, photo credit: vk.com

Fortunately nobody was badly hurt in the incident as there were no people at the bus stop and the man was alone in the car.

Source: Vk.com, TUT.BY