Belarus And Russia Can Sign Agreement On Mutual Visa Recognition This Year

The agreement on the mutual recognition of visas between Belarus and Russia will be signed before the end of 2017. This is envisaged by the plan of action for 2017-2020 on the development of the common migration space of the Union State. 

The plan was adopted at a meeting of the Union State Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg on 16 June, BelTA reports.

“This will remove the problem of the crossing  of the Russian-Belarusian border by third-country nationals which has escalated recently,” the Union State Standing Committee noted.

In addition, the parties will be working on the convergence of visa application procedures and regulations, as well as the possibility of introducing a unified visa of the Union State.

The plan contains both legal and organizational-practical activities: preparation of the international treaties in the field of migration, work on the migration policy legislation, monitoring of the treaties and agreements, joint operational and preventive measures, the organization of workshops, information interaction and cooperation in human resourcing.

The document pressuposes the development of a draft concept of migration policy of the Union State and a plan of action to implement it by 2025.

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The three-year action plan concerning the setup of a common migration space was recently mentioned by the Russian FM Sergey Lavrov after the talks with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir Makei.

According to the Russian diplomat, the agreement will allow the two sides to coordinate the process of the entry of foreign nationals and stateless people to the Union State.

Issues related to the common border transpired after Belarus introduced 5-day visa-free travel for citizens of 80 states. Following this step, Russia declared its intention to designate border control zones with Belarus.

It also transferred all flights from Belarus to the international terminals of the Russian airports.