MTZ Adds Tractor Rides To Its Tourist Menu

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) has expanded its tourist offer. Visitors to the plant can now not only see how famous tractor Belarus is made and assemble tractors with their hands, but also test what is feels to ride them.

First tourists to try out the new entertainment were visitors from Russia.

Excursion on wheels was organized on the territory of the plant.

“Our guests are interested not only in watching the assembly process and taking part in it, but also on riding a tractor. Now they can test drive our tractors as passengers,” the spokesperson said.

Each of the tourists drove two circles of 2.5 km and then went on to assembling practice.

The latter has already been ordered by about 20 tourists, MTZ spokesman said.

Becoming a passenger of a tractor costs 25 Belarusian rubles for children and students and 35 Belarusian rubles for adults.

Foreign guests will have to pay 30 (~$15) and 40 (~20) rubles accordingly.

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Since the beginning of the year, over 1500 tourists have visited MTZ.

They came from 25 countries, but most popular the excursion is among visitors from Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.